How to Promote Session Evaluation Submissions with a Raffle


It's often difficult to get attendees to fill-out session evaluation forms, so one tactic to encourage participation is to let attendees know that every evaluation they provide will earn them a raffle ticket for door prizes. Here's how to use Conferences i/o along with our free website to handle the selection of door prize winners from the pool of participants.



  • You'll need to activate Attendee Identification fields so that users are required to provide their name and email address. You can quickly bulk-enable this by visiting Admin -> Manage Sessions -> Bulk Actions -> Update Identity Requirements, then choose the options to require First Name / Last Name and (optionally) Email Address. Click on Apply Changes. Learn more.
  • Next, you'll want to ensure you have set up your session evaluation questions and decided on your automatic unlock strategy. Alternatively, or in addition, you could use audience responses to poll questions.



When you are ready to run a raffle for prizes, do the following.

  • Generate a report of evaluations by visiting the administration area of your app via Admin -> Export Evaluations (look for the 'Session Evaluations' heading).

  • In the spreadsheet that will be created, navigate to the sheet(s) at the far right. TIP: If you hold down the Ctrl key while clicking once on the right-arrow shown below, you'll quickly jump to the last few worksheets.

  • In the worksheets that are named with dates, you'll find evaluation responses for sessions occurring under that date. Each session for that date will be listed on the sheet along with the Name and Email of the attendee. TIP: you can also get a list of participants who responded to poll questions from a single session if desired. To do so, visit that session, use 'Sign in to Moderate', then click on 'Session Settings, and use the Export ->  Polling + Social Q&A.

  • Copy the First Name and Last Name values from the report noted above. You'll want to copy the names of eligible attendees into a new empty worksheet. The goal is a simple spreadsheet with just one column (column 'A') which should be the full name for eligible attendees, one row for each name. NOTE: See the section below on how to prepare your spreadsheet of names.

  • If your new spreadsheet of names has a header for 'Full Name' (or anything similar), delete it.

  • Visit and put in your email address and click Create Now.

  • Click on Import from Spreadsheet, use Browse to find your file, and click Import Now.

  • If all goes well, you'll see the names on the screen, and if needed, you can remove any bogus entry and/or use the 'Add One Entry' if there's a last-minute addition.

  • Clicking the button labeled "Start Presentation" will take you to the screen to perform the random selection of a name. However, you'll probably want to do so on a computer that is connected to a projector (if you want the audience to see it). If so, we recommend copying/pasting the URL in your browser and sharing it to that computer. Or refer to the email that should have been sent which includes the link to present your raffle.

TIP: There's a link for "Raffle: Update Settings" which allows you to give that particular drawing a name, which can help you manage and organize your drawings. For example, you might name it: "Monday, 4PM Raffle #1".




The website requires that names be in the first column ('A') of a spreadsheet. Since the report places the first and last names into separate columns, we recommend that you create a new column that joins those two values together to be "full name". 


To help, we have a Rafflekit Spreadsheet that you can copy/paste names into, and the first column will automatically join (concatenate) the first and last name. The spreadsheet includes 'next steps' which indicates to then copy the newly generated Full Name values into a new spreadsheet, using "Paste as Values" during the process. That new spreadsheet can then be imported into the Rafflekit website.