Update (8/31/2018): This issue has now been resolved. If you experience the issue described below after August 31, 2018, please contact us at support@conferences.io

SCENARIO: A Windows laptop is using PowerPoint 2010 or newer. The installation of the PowerPoint Add-In appears to be successful, but PowerPoint fails to show the new menu choice for "Conferences i/o" and the special live content slides fail to go live.

ISSUE: the Universal installer would sometimes incorrectly install the 64-bit Add-In on a 32-bit version of PowerPoint (or visa versa). As a result, the Add-In would fail to load or work. The Universal installer has been updated to correctly identify the 32-bit vs 64-bit version of PowerPoint.

THIS HAS BEEN FIXED: The Windows PowerPoint add-in version (2.010) and earlier versions are impacted. This is resolved in later versions. Please install our latest version.

*If you have access to our beta version which includes the ability to choose On Screen Poll Behaviors such as "Manually Advance to Results" and "Manually start a countdown timer", those poll configuration options are not impacted by this issue.