Update (3/08/2018): This issue has now been resolved. If you experience the issue described below after March 8, 2018, please contact us at support@conferences.io

SCENARIO: A Windows laptop is using PowerPoint along with our second generation PowerPoint add-in. Poll questions have been configured using the default setting of "Show Results Immediately" (vs. the use of a countdown timer or 'manually advance' to results). The first time that you run through the slideshow, all is well and poll questions will be unlocked when PowerPoint arrives to the Live Content slide, and once you advance away from that slide, the poll is re-locked as expected.*

ISSUE: If you re-run that same slideshow again, the action of re-locking a poll fails to work correctly. In other words, when you advance off (away) from a Live Content slide, the previous poll question will fail to re-lock. But as soon as you arrive to another Live Content slide, the previous poll will re-lock. Typically, you'll notice that your very last poll question in a session will remain unlocked and available for attendees to respond to. As a reminder, this issue only affects polls using the "Show Results Immediately" setting.


Option A
If you close all instances of PowerPoint and then open your PPT file, your first run through in slideshow mode will be fine. There should be no issues. But, if you re-run the slideshow a second time without totally closing PowerPoint first, the issue will occur.

Option B
If you add an additional but unimportant “last poll” to each session and then make sure to include it in the PowerPoint slidedeck, your previous polls should all re-lock as expected.

Option C
On your last poll in a session, configure a countdown timer (e.g., 15 or 20 seconds). Once the timer gets to zero, the poll does re-lock as expected. Note: You can safely add countdown timers to all poll questions too.

THIS HAS BEEN FIXED: The Windows PowerPoint add-in version ( and earlier versions are impacted. This is resolved in later versions. Please install our latest version.

*If you have access to our beta version which includes the ability to choose On Screen Poll Behaviors such as "Manually Advance to Results" and "Manually start a countdown timer", those poll configuration options are not impacted by this issue.