Conferences i/o recently released a free tool, RaffleKit, to create a simple digital raffle presentation. You can use RaffleKit to randomly select a 'winner' from a preloaded list of names and project the experience up on the big screen. 

Getting attendees to complete Session Evaluations can be a challenge, particularly if Evaluations aren't required for attendance or continuing education credit. Using RaffleKit in combination with Conferences i/o to provide an incentive for attendees is a great way to improve the response rates on your Session Evaluations. 

1. Decide on a prize to give away (it can be something as simple as a free registration to a future event)

2. Turn on the Attendee ID Requirement or simply add a question to the end of your Evaluation survey asking attendees to provide their name to be entered into the raffle

3. Setup the Automatic Unlock feature for Session Evaluations so that you have one less thing to remember

4. At the event communicate to your attendees that they will receive one raffle ticket for every session evaluation that they complete

5. Set a deadline for evaluations to be completed (e.g. one hour before the closing general session)

6. Export evaluation results from Conferences i/o and upload attendee names into RaffleKit (either manually or via XLS spreadsheet)

7. Project RaffleKit up on the big screen, spin the wheel, and announce the winner!

Get started and create a free RaffleKit account now!