EventLens does not (currently) have a concept of user accounts. Anytime you need to setup EventLens for a new event, you must follow this process.

Because EventLens does not have a concept of user accounts, events are secured by a unique URL. This is similar to how you share a document on Google Documents, where you are given an obscure URL.

Creating a new event on EventLens

1. Browse to https://eventlensapp.com.

2. On the homepage, complete the fields for name of your event, your name, and your email address.

3. You will be prompted to pay a small fee, or to use a promotional code (if you've received a promotional code).

**Note: This screenshot may not reflect the most recent cost structure or content on the payment page.

4. After paying for your newly-created event, you will be taken to your event's dashboard, and you will also receive an email confirmation.