Slide music functions in conjunction with with the Poll Timer.  Learn how to set up the Poll Timer here.

Slide Music can play in the background as the Slide Timer counts down. Slide Music helps alleviate any awkwardness with the silence that occurs when an audience responds to a poll. As the Slide Timer reaches zero, the Slide Music will fade out and the poll will lock.


Once the Add-In has been installed and polls have created for a session:


1. Browse to your Session in Conferences i/o.


2. Sign in as an admin, click "Sign Into Admin" at the bottom left of the homepage.


3. Click into the Admin Settings and scroll down to the bottom and select 'Slide Music'.

4. Upload a desired music file. Consider that this file needs to be no longer than the amount of time selected for the Poll Timer. 


5. Go back into 'Session Settings' of a specific session. Under the "Presentations" section, click 'Add Live Content to Windows PowerPoint'.




6. You're now looking at a list of polls set up for that session as well as their Slide Codes, click 'Edit' for a poll with a Poll Timer.



7. Select a song for the Slide Music, and click 'Save'.